Honda Setsubi Co., Ltd.

【Wakayama Office・Factory】〒640-8303 826-1 Narukami,Wakayama,Wakayama

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Company Profile

Company Name Honda Setsubi Co., Ltd.
Foundation November 1, 1995
Company Establishment January 19, 2009
Paid-up Capital 3 Million Japanese Yen
Directors Hiroyuki Honda as Representative
Director and 3 Other Directors
Head Office 〒649-0311
774-5 Tsujido,Arida,Wakayama
(June 26, 2018 Moved to the following address.)
Wakayama Office・Factory 〒640-8303
826-1 Narukami,Wakayama,Wakayama
TEL.+81-73-475-7155 / FAX.+81-73-475-7255
Wakayama Second Factory 〒640-8303
826-5 Narukami,Wakayama,Wakayama
Bangkok Office・Factory Honda Setsubi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
38/66-67 Moo.3, Lamlukka Rord,T.Khukhot,A.Lamlukka,
TEL.+66-2-101-5577 / FAX.+66-2-101-5599
Number of Employees Construction Managers 10
Site Engineers 50 (incl. Subcontractors)
License of Contractor (G--21) No. 15791, Wakayama
Piping Works, Machinery Installation Works
License of Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking : S30-300208
Bank Accounts Kiyo Bank, Minoshima Branch
Kinokuni Shinkin Bank, Minoshima Branch



September, 2018 Built an additional Wakayama Second Factory.
June 26, 2018 Moved the Head Office.
September 1, 2016 "Honda Setsubi Thailand Co., Ltd." Moved Bangkok Office・Opened New Factory.
November 20, 2015 Incorporated "Honda Setsubi Thailand Co., Ltd." with 2 million baht in capital.
January 19, 2009 Incorporated "Honda Setsubi Co., Ltd." with 3 million yen in capital.
2003 Expansively added several business units of food maintenance, machine installation, plant maintenance and other services.
2001 Focused on performing plant engineering piping and stainless piping as well as sanitary piping.
November 1, 1995 Personally founded a business in the name of "Honda Setsubi", aiming to provide welding and piping services.
Exterior View(Wakayama Office・Factory)
Exterior View(Wakayama Office・Factory)
Factory View
Factory View
Working View
Working View

Wakayama Office・Factory【Site Area:550 Sq.Mtr】

Address 〒640-8303
826-1 Narukami,Wakayama,Wakayama
TEL +81-73-475-7155
FAX +81-73-475-7255

Wakayama Second Factory

Address 〒640-8303
826-5 Narukami,Wakayama,Wakayama

※Across from the Wakayama Office・Factory, Along the river.

Head Office

Address 〒649-0311
774-5 Tsujido,Arida,Wakayama

※June 26, 2018 Moved to the following address.

Bangkok Office・Factory (Honda Setsubi (Thailand) Co., Ltd.)

Address 38/66-67 Moo.3, Lamlukka Rord,T.Khukhot,A.Lamlukka,
TEL +66-2-101-5577
FAX +66-2-101-5599

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